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Classic Muscle Car Colors - Product Showcase



June 18, 2015

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New Plasti Dip Classic Muscle Car Colors in aerosol spray cans at Go Mango, Sublime Green, Daytona Yellow, Hemi Orange, Hugger Orange, Plum Crazy, Panther Pink, Grabber Blue, Flame Red, 50's Aqua and Tropical Turquoise. is world famous for peelable car and wheel paint. You can change the color of any part of your car by yourself! A do-it-yourself product that you can use at home and is totally affordable. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions about DipYourCar or Plasti Dip Products. Spray and paint your wheels, your car, your emblems, your trim - basically anything. Peel it off and go back to the original color when you are ready. Durable, easy to clean and maintain, dipping your car is something almost anyone can do!

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