DCUO: Beast Ice PvP Loadout 2016!!!07:56

DCUO: Beast Ice PvP Loadout 2016!!!

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January 06, 2016

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Watch videos DCUO: Beast Ice PvP Loadout 2016!!!

Yo guys in this vid I show you a loadout which I use for anything to do with PvP and I shared it with the ice dps in this vid and he gave me such good feedback I decided to make a vid ;D.

Here's how the loadout works:

Before any fight happens: have the robot sidekick up and start using your chill effects to get your ice armour (ice bash, reflect and cold snap).

Then clip Winter tempest with Ice bash to start off DOTs and to be attack buffed.

As their health starts to melt use reflect to keep yours up and add another DOT, this will also make them rooted at their feet for a short moment, if you see this use frost snipe to freeze them solid and useless. Also use reflect if they knock you down and damage you heavily to try to survive.

Every time you get an interrupt or a bb use frost snipe but also use it to clip some attacks as this is your main attack power.

Finally use cold snap to clip weapon moves but also use it every so often to keep your ice armour active.

If this helped in anyways possible make sure you


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